D1-Life Path

To my readers, apologies for the short blog.

In life we make difficult decisions, that doesn’t mean you chose the wrong path. It just means you have chosen what you thought what is best for you and the people around you.

I’ve learned as a person that being upset when something happens that is not according to your plan changes us. It means that even if you are on your worst case possible, there will always be a silver lining.

Don’t forget to have a life (of course we hate our jobs, but we need it. Just don’t cling to much to it. Work Smart and NOT Hard) , bond with friends and colleagues and be thankful for what you have.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

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Change Is Inevitable

We might find this topic too generic to start, but as you may notice on the title itself, change is inevitable and indeed it is.

Changing may do good or bad to you and the ones you love, but the main thing is that change is somehow not a bad thing for everyone. People change, technology change, even weather do change right? So from your own point of view, were you changing for the better or you’re changing to conceal your dark past? Continue reading “Change Is Inevitable”

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