10 Respectful Things To Do

Nowadays, we forget a very important substance in our daily lives and that is, “Respect”. A simple act of giving way to elderly is a kind of respect. Of course, we all hate disrespectful people so don’t act like one.

  1. When borrowing a vehicle, return it clean and with a generous amount of fuel. Imagine you are the owner of the vehicle, someone asked for your help and in return, they didn’t even respect the cleanliness of your vehicle. What would you feel? Of course you would feel mad and hate towards the person, that the next time he/she borrows it, you would gladly decline. So, avoid doing this and you will have a better social life.
  2. When driving a vehicle, don’t block pedestrians. As much as you would want to arrive on your destination faster, don’t block pedestrians. It somehow starts a road rage and we all know where would it lead right? Your life would be ruined by social media, trust me I’ve seen this stuff over and over again. It feels like people like them aren’t learning at all. The next time you are on the road, always abide to the rules and regulations so that you won’t have problems with our traffic enforcers as well.
  3. When it is not a pedestrian’s turn to cross, don’t cross and wait for your turn. I’m also guilty at some point, I’m not excluding myself from this and I know there’s no excuse for this. We are putting our lives at risk when crossing the road so let’s be law-abiding citizen (who am I to say LOL). But seriously, from now on I will abide to this to avoid any accident.
  4. When someone greeted you, greet them back with a smile. Who knows, your smile could mean their day. When a security guard greeted good morning, I always greet them back, sometimes with a nod and a smile. Because I may not know how difficult their jobs are but all I know is, they are doing their best to protect us. So to all security guards out there, be proud because people like me salutes you and our lives depend on you.
  5. Always give way to elderly people, they need time the most. I’ve seen this so many times. In a pharmacy, fast food chain, grocery store and many more. I always prioritize them no matter what. Some would decline my offer, but I would insist that it’s fine with me. You know why other countries’ traditions and cultures are preserved? Because they respect their elders. Also, to some elders, there are fast lanes designated for you, maximize that lane to avoid any inconvenience. For those abusing that lane, please try to act accordingly, that lane is exclusive for elders, pregnant women, and PWD, in fact there’s always a sign so you have no excuse at all!
  6. When borrowing a phone, don’t transfer load to yourself unless advised by the owner. When we’re college students (Okay I’m getting a bit older, I admit…we all are haha), this is a common prank. We know that it is hilarious and scary at the same time, but the proper way to do this is by “stop doing it”. This is similar to stealing, and stealing is a crime right? Who knows, it might escalate quickly.
  7. When eating, don’t talk when your mouth is full. You wouldn’t want food messing your attire right? So eat properly and speak properly. Besides, we are taught when we are young that, it is not okay to talk when your mouth is full. It doesn’ mean you wouldn’t have the opportunity to coversate, you could do it properly and with respect to your audience.
  8. Always say “po” and “opo” to elders. This might be applicable to Filipinos only, this is one of our long running traditions but some people forget the value of saying po and opo. Why? Because you are wealthier than them? That is one reason why our country is still poor and why we are disrespectful. Regardless of the situation, if the person you are talking to is older than you, speak with respect and you will be respected.
  9. Always say “thank you”, “sorry” and “you’re welcome”. Those words mean a lot to someone. When someone cleans your table, say “thank you”. When you bump into someone accidentally, say “sorry” and don’t glare at them. When you give someone a gift and they say thank you, say “you’re welcome”. How difficult could it be right? Short but sweet words yet, we people ought not to express. It won’t hurt your pride and ego, in fact it would stimulate Serotonin which is a happy hormone and take note, it’s good for your health.
  10. Don’t discriminate. Discriminating someone based on their status in life is unethical. We are all equal and we should treat everyone equally. You’re their boss or manager inside the office, but when you go outside the office, you’re no different from them. They might be homeless, it might be or might not be their fault but you have no right to point your fingers at them, it won’t help them. In fact, public humiliation is a violation against our right that could lead to cases filed against the aggressor.

Why is it essential for us? Even animals show respect to other kinds, why couldn’t we? Shouldn’t we set aside our differences and live in peace instead? We are human beings capable of almost anything so why couldn’t we respect each other a lot? The answer depends on you…

There are a lot of respectful things in the world, make sure to use some. Thank you for reading, God bless!

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