Disaster Kit 101

We are all aware of the devastating effect of the recent event, Hurricane Irma. Some folks even attempted to do foolish things that would even worsen the situation. How prepared are we to deal with nature’s wrath anyway?

I have few tips for you, maybe you have read some on the internet.

Nature’s wrath don’t care about your race, age, gender and status in life. Whether you’re rich or poor it doesn’t matter when calamity strikes. We are all equal and will be judged equally.

Do you sometimes thought of “Am I ready in case a calamity happen?”. Ask yourself now, because we cannot exactly predict what would happen in the future.


Here are the top items you should have on your Disaster Kit:

  1. Personal Documents – This includes government IDs, birth certificate, medical records, etc.,. This is basically a way to identify you in case everything went back to normal.
  2. Clean Food and Water – In case evacuation is not possible, make sure you have relief goods in your cabinet. We don’t know if for example a typhoon would like to stay a little longer right? Better ready than sorry.
  3. Flashlight – Of course during a calamity, electricity would be cut off. A light in the dark would determine the life and death of a certain individual.
  4. Emergency Batteries/Power banks – What would be the use of your phone if the battery is dead right? If you are well prepared, you might’ve some key ingredients in the house to generate electricity. Make sure you’re power banks are always full, don’t use it to charge your phone in the house, as I’ve said, a calamity could hit anytime. A power bank without power is a dead weight on your bag.
  5. Rope – From a simple rope to an axe or hammer. Yes, a rope can be very handy when creating tools or combining things together.
  6. Whistle – This is also important, if you are unable to shout then at least let the rescuers know where you are.
  7. First-aid Kit/Med kit – Worst case scenario would also occur during a worst case scenario. Make sure you have this in your home all the time. If you’re badly injured, this might be a decision factor whether you live or die.
  8. Cellphone – Forget about smartphones for a while and focus on ordinary phones. Why should you invest in that kind of phone? It doesn’t even have wifi on it! It doesn’t have fancy screen and applications. So why? In the event a calamity occur, would it cross your mind that you wanted to play games? Take a selfie (Well some people do and then either they’re injured or dead)? You should invest on this kind of phone because, it provides a longer battery life. The longer the battery life, the higher the chance you could communicate and get rescued. Fancy LCDs consumes a lot of battery life. If you don’t believe me, go to your settings and check for yourself.
  9. Extra Clothes – We are not going on a trip so make sure you only bring a little. What you could only carry basically.
  10. Survival Knife – It has a lot of purpose, from a kitchen knife to a self defense weapon. Of course, animals are frightened as well, but what if an animal attempted to attack you? And you only have your phone in your hand, what would you do? Take a selfie and die? Let’s also not forget the fact that there are a lot of bad guys taking the opportunity to do their evil intentions while everyone is startled and confused, this knife could save you from bad people as well.


We all have chance of survival, let’s maximize it by preparing ourselves. If a disaster occurs, it is unfortunate but at least you are prepared for that, and if a disaster didn’t happen, just be thankful you didn’t had the chance to use your Disaster Kit.

There might be a lot of things that I’ve missed, please feel free to Like, Comment, Suggest and don’t forget to Subscribe.

Thank you for reading and always stay safe.

Don’t forget to pray. Godbless us all!


Featured Image : http://www.aworldofscience.com/natural-disaster-debate-project/#.Wbj5YrIjHIU

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