10 Tips to Save Money

Saving money is one of our common goals in our lives. Almost everybody wants to save money may it be for their retirement, personal needs and leisure. How important money is based  on a person’s perspective.

Before money was invented, people are commonly trading items instead of using currency. Some cities are still open for trading however, most of the world use currency in a form of coins and/or bank notes and virtual currency (bitcoin in example).

To save money here are few tips for you:

  • Save first before spending
    • While this is a common method, we want to emphasize this more. Saving before spending contributes a lot for you to save more. If you spend first, what if you spend more than what you need to, then your savings would be at risk.
  • Window shopping
    • Yes, there’s nothing wrong with window shopping. In fact, it helps you be a more disciplined consumer, not to always rush to the thing you might not need in the future.
  • Research first
    • Researching helps you decide whether buying an item is worth it or not. Do not search for the positive feedback about an item, look for the negative ones so that you could have a better judgement in terms of spending.
  • Go for sale
    • Nothing is wrong about this and in fact most of us would rather buy an item that is on sale. But, make sure you really are purchasing a discounted item. I’ve read posts on social media regarding the promo “buy 1 take 1”, but there’s a rumor that you are purchasing two items with the price of two, so still be vigilant.
  • Avoid drinks when eating outside
    • Believe it or not, most Food Corporations generate too much revenue on drinks. I’m not forcing you to give it up completely, if it’s possible bring your own bottled water. I wouldn’t trust service water most of the time because, sometimes it’s not properly filtered.
  • Buy more to save more
    • Buying in bulk indeed would save you a little right? Consolidate that little amount over time and you would be surprised how much you have saved.
  • Note your daily spending
    • Most people have lost track their daily spending habit, why? Maybe because it’s too hassle for us? Honestly, you should start keep tracking of your daily spending habit and who knows you might save a lot in the future.
  • Invest
    • I believe, this is a very common method, in fact many people are doing this. May it be in a form of real estate property, stock market, insurance, business, etc.,. This is the best way to save money for yourself. Most people would think “It just gave me and ROI of 10 pesos for this month, that is 120 pesos a year. Still it generated revenue right? Then invest more to save more!”.
  • What you need vs want
    • Don’t worry I was also a victim. We are human beings, we care so much for ourselves and for our loved ones. Sometimes, we just want to make ourselves happy so we get what we want instead of what we need. It’s fine. It’s not also bad to reward yourself with all your hard work, but also make sure you are not overdoing it or else you would spend more than save more.

Money is the root of all evil? I don’t think so, people that is being controlled by money is the root of all evil. Spend your income wisely and remember, think ahead.

Hope we all become rich in wealth and in health. Godbless and thank you for reading.


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