Pagkilatan, Batangas (Dreamland Paradise)

Long weekends are very common in the Philippines. Perhaps we are famous for that, it can’t be helped so let’s have some fun. Most people would prefer going to malls, restaurant and other popular places. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to visit Batangas’ beach in Pagkilatan. All thanks to our friend Carlo and Rhada, we had so much fun and we had so much food, of course!

To make the long story short, it is an unforgettable journey for us. We’ve learned couple of things during the trip.

Face your fears , life is short, have time ro relax and enjoy and forget about your diet! And have more patience. 🙂

To be honest, it was my first time to swim without a life-vest (scary yet exciting). I never thought that I’d feel alive and free during that. For a moment I forgot about all my problems in the city, that experience would be cherished forever. If you’re gonna ask me how fascinating the ocean is, I’d probably say “you should try it now!”. Forget about sharks, jellyfishes, deep dark bottom and all your nightmares in the ocean for a moment and swim with all your might.

Let’s focus on food right now. Of course the infamous “Batangas Lomi”, a must try! Never miss it if you have the chance. The people are very kind too, except for one lady haha. I would not elaborate more regarding her, let’s just say “if you don’t please her then you’re not allowed to buy on her store”, weird isnt it? LOL…

We had the opportunity to try “Kuya Al’s Sukang Ala Eh” as well. To be honest, it was the best vinegar I had in my life. Actually I’m quite addicted to it right now haha. Partner it with the Bulacan’s mouth watering crispy Chicharon, splendid serving of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. As we say in tagalog, “dumidikit sa ngipin”. Be careful though, too much consumption may lead to heart problems and other life threatening conditions.

The ocean is great. Again. I had the chance to explore and see different sea creatures. To be fair to others, I’m also afraid at first. There are a lot of thoughts in my mind, mostly negative. Yet, I chose to do it for fun. I couldn’t explain if it was fear or excitement that lead me to do it but I think it’s more of excitement since I wanted to do it again.

For those people who are totally scared of the ocean, I totally understand you. I wouldn’t force you to love the ocean but let me tell you one thing, you are missing a massive portion of earth’s beauty. If you are willing but afraid, do it slowly and rest assured, you will appreciate one of nature’s beauty in due time.

On our way home, we had the chance to visit a church, I believe based on my research the place was called, “Montemaria Batangas”. Unfortunately for us, it’s not finished yet but we are all hoping that it’s done and accessible to public by next year.

Again, let’s thank God for giving us the opportunity to witness the magnificent creations. I’ve prepared a couple of media items for you to enjoy. Sit back and relax, don’t forget to subscribe.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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