10 Important Road Signs


Driving has been made easy for us. We can’t deny that our society is in high-tech era.

Yes, you know how to drive but, are you a responsible driver? The answer depends on your perspective.

Here are 10 Important Road Signs that every driver should know or at least consider:

  1. Pedestrian Lane : I believe everyone knows its purpose however, is everyone willing to abide the rule? At some point many are guilty, we have many reasons to say but one thing is for sure, “Respect Pedestrian Lanes”. People crossing that lane respects you as a driver so you should too.

  2. Double Yellow Line : As stated below, no driver should pass a double yellow line. However there are still drivers who chose to risk their’s and other’s lives in order to… I really don’t know why, maybe to show-off? You be the judge.

  3. No Parking Sign : Still there are people who chose to park their vehicles, why? I myself am confused why would people park when there is a sign that parking is prohibited. Is it a sign that people nowadays are stubborn and arrogant? When they are apprehended, I admire and at the same time hate their guts for being mad. When you are apprehended because you park at the wrong area and especially if there’s a sign not to park, don’t argue and accept that you are wrong.
    No Parking

  4. Turning Signs (No Left, Right and U-Turn) : It is clearly emphasized yet some chose to broke the law. Don’t be surprised if they would be apprehended. I believe stubborn people have their own laws don’t they? Here in the Philippines, many drivers are turning when it is prohibited. They would say it’s the enforcer’s fault but clearly there’s a sign. My friend, even if you go to any court in the world, you’ll just lose. Don’t take the risk, instead follow rules and regulations, it ain’t difficult believe me.
    No turn.JPG

  5. Speed Limit Sign : Basically this is self-explanatory. For your own safety, abide with the speed limit to avoid unfortunate events. Over-speeding doesn’t mean you are better, it just means you’re worse and can’t follow simple instructions.Speed Limit.jpg

  6. No Overtaking Sign : Why would some ignore this? For thrill? challenge? ego? Put your life on the line and you’ll regret it instantly. Overtaking isn’t prohibited but do it properly and on the right time and place.
    No overtaking.png

  7. One Way Sign : Guilty? I hate it when VIP could violate this everytime but I’m just a commoner so just let it go? What I mean is, if it’s prohibited, it’s prohibited and no one is above the law.
    One way sign.png

  8. Yield Sign : “I won’t yield!!! This is spartaaaa” some might say. Well, you reap what you sow. This simply shows respect towards other drivers like you. It won’t hurt to slow down a bit and let other drivers cross the road. We should be responsible all the time, not only your life is in your hands but your passengers too.
    Yield Sign

  9. Slippery When Wet Sign : When you see a sign like this, be more careful as it is life threatening. It is not posted there for nothing.
    Slippery Sign.jpg

  10. Last but not the least, No Smoking Sign : Yes you read it right. I’ve encountered a lot of people in a commuter vehicle like Jeepneys, where there’s a “No Smoking Sign” yet someone is smoking. There’s this scenario where the driver is the one smoking, what did I do? I removed the sign a throw it away. Why did I do that? Clearly don’t put a sign where you yourself can’t abide to that. Practice what you preach.
    No Smoking.GIF

There are a lot of rules and regulations, but I hope there’s a lesson in this article and hope you enjoyed reading. Let us be responsible all the time and respect others. Always drive safely, your family is waiting for you.

Please share it to everyone to inform them that, driving isn’t just as simple as it may be.

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THANK YOU. . . !

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