Tripster : Beautiful Batanes

Travelling is an essential in living. Make sure you travel the world before you’re old or you’ll regret not doing so. So why do we need to travel? Is it for the sake of pleasure only? For me, its purpose is to know more people, culture and appreciate all nature has to offer.

Many aren’t aware of the hidden beauties of the Philippines, this includes the popular Palawan, Boracay, Caramoan, La Union, Baler, Batangas, Laguna, Cebu and many more (Seriously, too many to mention)

Batanes has an extraordinary attractive trait. Not only it has this stunning nature’s beauty but the people are very kind too.

At first, I couldn’t believe that given the fact that they have around 30,000 people living on the island, the crime rate is still less than 1%. I’m not saying that it should be higher, but imagine a place where you’ll feel safe anywhere.

Now, why should you visit this majestic place? Because it is:

  • Safe
  • Away from City/Work
  • No/Limited Pollution
  • Culture and Tradition
  • People
  • Elegant

However, getting there isn’t cheap at all but it is worth it. Be sure to at least prepare 15,000 – 20,000 pesos each or more. I also appreciate how they preserve the place. Business isn’t open for everyone, majority’s approval is mandatory in order for you to establish a business there which is good. I love how they are united even in decision making. Unlike other places, money is all that matters despite the fact that their business is destroying the place, culture and the lives of the native people. Since you have to import goods from other places, food comes with a price. Rice, gasoline, and other goods are sold at a higher price due certain conditions such as weather, supply and demand. Importing isn’t that easy for them.

One of the foods that we’re hooked to was the fried “Kamote or Sweet Potato” (my friends could attest to this), its taste is rich in flavor even if no artificial flavoring was added. “Bukayo or Grated Coconut Meat” is a must, as well as “Kamote or Sweet Potato” chips that comes in many flavors. If you’re planning to go there, give it a try and you’ll not regret it. My colleagues told me to try the “dorado” however, I’m unable to. I told myself the next time I go there, I will definitely give it a try no matter what. A memorable food is the “Sweet Potato Donut”. Yes, you read it right, it was made from sweet potato. Now, let me spoil you a bit, sweet potato donut plus coffee or buko/coconut juice is heaven. Souvenirs are cheap as well, buying some helps the people there make a living. At a price of 10 pesos, you could have a ref magnet made out of tiny stones.

Expecting a night life? Sorry guys, this place has a rule to accommodate orders until 8:30 to 9:00 pm only. Transportation during that time was difficult as well. Just try to have a peaceful night once in a while, it might do you good. If you’re looking for a place where to spend the rest of the evening to celebrate, maybe Batanes isn’t the right place. As I’ve mentioned before it is away from the City and/or Work.

I have prepared few pictures for you, let the pictures do the talking.

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Thank you for reading! Godbless…

Travelling is expensive but it helps you to know yourself more . . .

God created beautiful places for us to appreciate and be thankful for . . .

Time is gold, so travel while you have time. That opportunity might not come again . . .

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