How to: Prepare for a Job Interview

Interviews are nightmares for most of us. Some might overthink just by preparing for it. But, what is the purpose of interviews? For the benefit of the doubt let us enumerate them:

  1. Gives you the opportunity to;
    1. Know about the company’s culture, tradition , vision and mission, success rate and the people in it.
    2. Showcase your skill set.
    3. Prove why you are worthy for the position you are applying for.
  2. Gives the employer the opportunity to;
    1. Evaluate the qualities of the applicant.
    2. To know you better.
    3. To get as much information as possible from you that is not on your resume.
    4. Improve the chances of making a good hire and minimizes turnover risks.

Remember that “no-show” applicants is a big NO for the interviewer. This is because, they have their own schedule as well. If you aren’t going to make it on time or on that day, always inform them.

Now, if you fail don’t give up, instead analyze what went wrong, what should be improved, what should you avoid the next time. Failing the interview doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified, there are a lot of factors which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Qualifications
  • Asking Salary
  • Benefits
  • Location, and many more….

How to prepare for an interview is a difficult topic however, I’ll do my best to provide you information that would contribute to your interview success.

Before, during and after the interview, you might want to consider the following:

  • Smile – It might sound a bit complicated given that you are nervous. But let me ask you, do you want the interviewer to notice that your mind is not at ease. Smiling can boost your self-esteem and gives you the comfortable aura. It tells the interviewer with your gestures that you are enjoying the conversation with each other.
  • Make eye contact – Looking the interviewer in the eye everytime you answer states that you really know or you really are confident in your answers. Sometimes there isn’t any wrong or right answer, they just want to know how confident you are. Don’t stare! Never do that as it might give a wrong impression on you an you might not get the job at all. Instead of looking directly in the eye, look in the forehead instead. That is the proper way in speaking with someone professionally.
  • Acronyms – Before I was hired, I went through a lot. If I remembered correctly, I went through more or less 20 companies before getting the job at Accenture. Acronyms helped me a lot. Since I don’t have any job experience at all that time, I used acronyms to showcase my skills as a fresh graduate. Consider this and it might help you if you are on a dead-end.
  • Review – Even if you are doing it on a daily basis doesn’t mean you don’t have to review before an interview. There might be technical terms that you haven’t encountered and that gives the interviewer the upper hand. Always prepare a reviewer so that you are always confident in your answers. Preparing gives you boost in morale as well, and it gives you comfort not to finish the interview sooner or later.
  • Trust in you abilities – Doubting yourself won’t help you at all. Avoid questions with “what-ifs”, do it my friend and you’ll know the answer. Try and try until you succeed. Failing couple of times is difficult however, don’t give up yet as you are gifted. One important thing, “dont lie” as it might be a problem on your end. Tell the truth with filter. What do I mean you say? Telling the truth with filter is like a safe answer. Instead of saying NO, why don’t you sugarcoat it a little bit.

Now after this, I believe you are SMART enough to deal with you own fear. There are a lot of tips out there, feel free to browse them for your own reference. Also always come in business attire, this proves that you are professional the moment you step in the lobby.

While some of us search on how to pass for an interview, believe me there isn’t a way that would say you would pass an interview with 100% success rate. Preparation is the key and get to know yourself a bit more.

There isn’t always an easy way but there’s always a way for those willing to.

Prayers were a big help. Seek guidance and it will be provided to you. Now, let me say this -Goodluck on your interview, enjoy the moment and may God be with you.

Thank you for reading!

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