How to: Avoid Sports Injury

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We are in a world where “fitness” is a trend. Many people are doing their best to get fit and if possible, as soon as they want it. Who wouldn’t want a rapid growth on your body right? However, you might not want to overdo it. Rest is important for our body to heal.

What if one day you’ll wake up feeling an indescribable pain? To me, it feels like I’m going to die. When I first had an injury, I feel like it’s over for me. Don’t give up yet and ask your doctor about it. Do not perform self medication, it might worsen your situation and it’s over for you for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the best practices for you.

  • Wear protective gears – wearing protective gears such as gym gloves can contribute to lessen the chance of you having an injury. It also provides you support to avoid any unnecessary wounds. For your own safety, do wear protective gears. It’s a must!

  • Be in proper condition – Of course, being in good condition boosts your motivation. It would be difficult to workout when you are sick. Stay in proper condition and take good care of your health.

  • Always use the proper technique – Working-out without using the proper form poses a big risk to your safety. It is important to keep in mind the correct form when doing an activity. If you are uncertain if your posture is correct, there are many references on the internet (e.g. Youtube). If in doubt, always ask a physician.

  • Warm up – One important thing to consider is warming up before doing anything. It is an act of preparing for an athletic event or workout. It helps you with the following:
    • Reduces your risk for injury, aches and pains
    • Increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles
    • Improves the range of motion in your joints
    • Ready your muscles for stretching
    • Prevents you from rapid increase in Blood Pressure which could affect your health
    • Is it also a good time to mentally prepare for an event by clearing the mind, increasing focus, reviewing skills and strategy. And many more…

  • Cool down and Stretching – Cooling down is as important as warming up. Benefits such as the following will reduce health risks:
    • Returns your heart rate to the resting level
    • It allows your blood to properly redistribute itself to the heart
    • Prevents blood pool up around your muscles
    • Helps get rid  of lactic acid in the muscles which can build up around the muscles during the workout. And many more…

  • Play Safe – I know you’re a beast but if you are prone to injuries, you might wanna consider you physical status. It is important to do the things that you can do, overdoing workout might lead to injuries or worse health problems.

  • Avoid heat injury – Not drinking enough liquids during an exercise is a major risk to your health. Your body needs fuel in order to function just like a vehicle. Ignoring to drink while working out exposes yourself to heat stroke.

  • Rest – Your body needs a break just like you do in the real world. Resting doesn’t mean the growth stopped, it means you allow your body to heal itself so that the next time you workout, you are stronger. Why rest? Some might say, resting benefits are as follows:
    • Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen
    • Rest days can help maintain a better balance between home, work, and fitness
    • Allowing yourself to eat recovery foods rich in protein
    • Prevents your body to experience sleep deprivation
    • You’ll have time to meet with your friends and relatives, that not only boost your mental health but in fact it makes you happy

  • Last but not the least, STOP! – Yes stop, when you feel a stinging pain. That pain might be an indicator of an upcoming injury. We have a saying that “prevention is better than cure”.


All of those methods are at some point used by professionals. If in doubt always ask a physician or doctor so that your questions will be answered in a medical way.

Thank you for reading and hope this article has helped you to achieve your dream.


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