Why We Fail

Why do we fail?

You see, failure is part of being a human being. Failing isn’t equivalent to losing your own battle, it is challenging yourself how strong you are. We are humans and we are bound to make mistakes. But don’t forget, we are also given chances to correct that. Never waste that opportunity my friend.

“Forgiveness is a gift, being forgiven is a privilege”.

We should always think that failing is a challenge to be faced, and not just to hide from it. We thought that failure is our nemesis but we are wrong.ย The true nemesis is having the opportunity but not taking it.

People around me always say that time for you will come, I always responded “when?”. My point is, “is it worth waiting for nothing?”. If you want to succeed, you should act right now. Each person was born with unique talents, you just have to work hard in order for you to discover it.

Do you believe that being successful means having a lot of money? For me, being a successful person isn’t only having a pocket full of cash, but being a responsible human as well.

“Success isn’t defined by the riches you have, the wisdom and knowledge you gained is your real treasure.”

WWF-001Greater things will come your way as soon as you accept how poor you are. Seek guidance from God and He shall guide you to a peaceful life.


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