Things to Do While On Traffic

We all hate those red lights popping on our faces on the road especially during “Rush Hour”, who would’ve wanted that right? But instead of nagging and whining like a stupid brat, you should keep your cool head and enjoy the things around you. I won’t be a hypocrite, traffic doesn’t do any good to mankind but what could we do? Fly? Maybe but our technology is not that high as of the moment and even if you have a flying car, where would you land it if the traffic everywhere.

So here are some few tips for us to just sit back on your car, you may not enjoy the ride but keep your head cool to avoid unnecessary events.

  • First on my list is “Talking to God”, Yes you should do that I’m not being a hypocrite, I often thank Him for the blessings I have in life. Sometimes I complain of the traffic and how selfish and arrogant people act on the road. I sometimes talk to Him about anything under the sun, just for me to keep my head cool. Talking to God is also good for your spiritual health am I right? So c’mon talk to Him while on the road and ask for guidance, it won’t hurt your pride and the best thing about this is your soul becomes closer to Him.
  • SMILE! It is traffic and you can’t do anything about it. And there are surprising reasons to smile often. It is contagious, not to explain more often but scientifically it is really contagious so smile around people and make yourself happy and other people too. It lowers stress and anxiety level, it is very self explanatory mate and just smile to calm yourself on difficult situations. I’m also surprised about how smiling strengthens your immune system, but one of the articles I’ve read stated that smiling makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illnesses, see? Smile while reading this! And also smiling will make you comfortable so when you are on traffic, to lose the stress just SMILE okay? J
  • Turn the music and SING, I don’t know the effect on me but it really helps a lot. Singing redirects your mind to it and not on the traffic, and it will make you a better singer the next day LOL, I’m not kidding try it yourself. Singing is a stress reliever itself so sing more often even if you don’t know the lyrics or even if it’s just a simple DO RE MI. It will eventually lead to smiling. LA LA LA!
  • Do Stop “HONKING”, just relax because it won’t help you or other people. You may cause stress to other people and even if you honk for hours, if it’s traffic “IT’S TRAFFIC”. Okay here’s the scenario, you keep on honking the car in front of you and if he gave way what now? The car in front of him is experiencing the same scenario as you now so stop that non-sense honking, believe me it will save you energy on your car battery as well.
  • This is applicable if you have company in your vehicle, COMMUNICATE. You are not just a driver and passenger, you may be related to each other so keep that mouth unshut and start talking about anything at all. It enhances your relationship with that person by simply talking to him/her. And STOP using your smartphone. If it is used improperly, it will eventually become an anti-social tool developed for humanity. So TALK, TALK and TALK until you haven’t notice that you are on your destination.

That’s all for now if you have any suggestion/s just feel free. Also don’t forget to pray on every journey. He is listening to our prayers.

Be thankful for what you have, it is the greatest luxury in life.

Thank you and Godbless. Have a safe trip.

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