WHAT THE FACT! Number 1: Life is unfair…

LIFE is really unfair, but to be fair it is wonderful and full of surprises. I was in the middle of something or if I may say, I’m watching a movie as of the moment and then I realized to write again. Since I have a little bit of talent in writing why not use it right? Like YOU, you are created and made to do something in your life and not everything in life is awful.

We are humans. We are susceptible to feel pain, anger, madness, grief, despair and we are hurt more often but that’s what makes life interesting. We could also feel numb sometimes, but forever?? I don’t think so (only a robot could). So if you are in DEEP SHIT right now, still be thankful because you are still alive and reading this. 🙂

Life challenges us in many ways, may it be good or bad. It has a lot to offer than a cup of coffee or a piece of bread. It reaches the point of breaking of one human being but, on the other hand it makes us stronger than before. Your lover left you, it hurts every time right? But the more you succeed a challenge, the more you will become a happy and strong person. Your boss hates you and terminated you, you want to kill him and burn his body on the ground (on your mind of course). Always remember “it takes two to tango” and when you have reached the worst part of your life, you will know that every upcoming challenge would be a piece of cake. So sit back, relax and be contented on who you are. You should always remember, YOU ARE ALWAYS FORTUNATE. Hell yeah! Godbless yah 🙂

Thanks for reading…THE FACT is Life is unfair…yet wonderful. 🙂


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