Change Is Inevitable

We might find this topic too generic to start, but as you may notice on the title itself, change is inevitable and indeed it is.

Changing may do good or bad to you and the ones you love, but the main thing is that change is somehow not a bad thing for everyone. People change, technology change, even weather do change right? So from your own point of view, were you changing for the better or you’re changing to conceal your dark past?

I noticed people were never contented on what they have and I will not deny myself from being one. I have this and that and those and yet I ask for more. Why is it? Because we humans are susceptible to change. We are capable of overcoming our previous self, we want to surpass our limits and that is a good thing perhaps. We want competition, contest and criticism. But let me get this clear, change can do harm yourself and even people around you, so be careful.

Bottom line is change for your own good so that those people who care about you will not leave you hanging. Change for the better and not for the worst. Love, respect and be respected. Learn to give way and appreciate what you have and you will have a meaningful life. Change is inevitable. Thank you reader. 🙂


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